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 Viele wetlookbilder aus Indien 04.10.2006 (20:48 Uhr) wetboy
Hallo Zusammen,

ich habe viele indinische wetlookbilder gefunden. Viel Spaß beim Lesen. soapy car wash same an ice cube! strategically placed!

12/9 getting rained on muddy water is she sitting in water? I don't think so but it would have been nice if she was! bit blurry same

Amisha links might be repeats..don't think so though...and if they are, well here's a second look! focus on wet hair sort of wet looking a dry pic of the same outfit I think different. might interest some wow!!! is that water on her left thigh? maybe wishful thinking, but nice outfit all the same maybe wet same some of you will love this maybe more of a tease than wetlook love her shorts, wish they were were more noticeably wet almost a bikini but not quite, so I included it hmmm, if only we could see more of her in this pic white clothes tease wet I think doesn't look wet, but part of the series I suppose wet?

21/9 wet? wet

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